The Klass Apps’ team is comprised of individuals with experience in utilizing technology to tackle the most dynamic challenges in industries like Healthcare, Banking, Construction and Higher Education. We understand the nuances and challenges of operating academic institutions, locally in the USA and internationally. Our unique talent mix came together with their years of successful best practices from other industries to produce the most efficient and effective Student Management System on a mobile application. We believe it is our diversity in different industries as well as culturally that has made KLASS App such a unique and eloquently built Solution.

Our Team

Colton Woo

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Colton has more than a decade of experience in building successful companies from the ground up. He has founded companies in industries like healthcare, construction and higher education. Trained in engineering, Colton spent his first 9 years out of college managing successful projects with revenue upwards of $250 million. He has a remarkable ability to simultaneously manage multiple multi-million dollar projects while consistently delivering positive outcomes. His management abilities are evident in his subsequent profitable ventures as an entrepreneur.

Colton’s strengths are in corporate finance, business development and personnel management. He strives in managing workforce diversity and his goal is to always help bring the best out of everyone that he works with. Colton is a constant innovator and a proven leader.

Jason London

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer & President

With over fifteen years’ experience in higher education, Mr. London has acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to guide institutions through the accreditation process. His expertise includes managing multi-site operations and oversight of P&L management, financial/strategic analysis & diagnosis, and budgeting and forecasting.

Having worked in numerous roles for both online and “brick and mortar” Institutions, Mr. London has a profound understanding of all departments within a school.  Mr. London has created several first-to-market concepts in the field of education and is a leader in the forefront of education technology.

Boydlee Pollentine

Chief Technology Officer

Boydlee has spent the last 13+ years working for large corporations and government departments in Australia, as well as successfully running a software development company for a number of years. An early adopter of Titanium, he has written two books about Titanium development, is also a Titan, TCAD and has spoken at numerous events including JS.Everywhere(), CloudEast, API Days Mediterranean, SyncConf and organise the global community developer event focused on Titanium and JavaScript - tiConf.

Hannah Tometzki

Chief Creative Officer

Hannah is an award winning designer with cross discipline design experience. With a bachelors degree in Industrial Design, followed by a post-grad with a thesis in emotional attachment to designed products, her approach to web design is an holistic one.

Focusing on user experiences across the entirety of multi-platform solutions, Hannah is present from the beginning to the end of a project. Starting with a creative logo the design starts to take shape, with a solid branding scheme carried on through into app designs, websites (primarily responsive), administration portals, and even print applications. Every step ensures that the user experiences the best possible solution with consistent aesthetics, reinforcing a company’s overall message through design.

Bennett Mankin

Vice President of Business Development

An innovative and top-performing marketing executive with broad expertise in building strong consumer brands. A results-driven business leader with a proven track record of balancing short-term P&L deliverables while creating a long-term brand vision. A collaborative leader who develops highly productive cross-functional teams that continually exceed business goals.


How do I get the app?

Klass App is free to all users and downloaded via the Apple ITunes and Android App markets. We can't link to these stores because the beauty of Klass App is that every college has a unique app managed and controlled by them.

How secure is KLASS App?

The KLASS App web portal is secured by industry standard SSL, using a high grade 256-bit AES encryption certificate that works across both and multiple sub-domains within.

How long does it take to implement?

Implementation varies based on scale and scope of work. Most common implementations take 3-4 weeks.