KLASS App improves student engagement in all aspects of Admissions, Financial Aid, Education, Student Services and Career Services by providing direct contact to students through a mobile enterprise App working in tandem with an administrative portal. Specifically designed to address the needs of the education sector, KLASS App will improve your school’s Key Performance Indicators by providing better mobile management communication between students, faculty and administrators. In addition, KLASS App’s administrative portal provides transparency of all critical department metrics. Students and administration can interact via this new mobile communication platform.

Core Features

Dynamic Messaging

Send messages to the students you need to contact. All messages can have documents, video links or events attached

Emergency Alerts!

Quick and easy way to send Emergency Alerts to all students and faculties, wherever they are.

Student Counseling

Push a scheduled counseling event to a designated group of students or push positive encouragements to a targeted group of students that needed additional attention.


Push monthly statement to a single student or a group of students that are behind in their tuition fees.

Student’s Message

All students can push messages directly to each administrative department within the college or university.

Apply for Jobs

Allow students to apply for jobs right from the App. Relevant jobs can be pushed to a student in danger of negatively affecting your placement rate.


Create and deploy surveys within minutes and receive better and faster responses.

Calendar & Events

Minimizes scheduling conflicts or missed appointments! Schedule an event, send push notifications to your student(s), and simultaneously populate the event on their calendar.

Refer a Friend

Quick and easy way to refer someone via the App. Your students become your best and widest reach marketing channel!

Augmented Reality

Build in Augmented Reality feature puts the future of education in your students’ hands TODAY!.

Campus Community Features

Cool Student ID

No longer needs the old laminated student IDs.


Easily reaches your audience and more widely viewed.


Memorable events on images enhances the campus community.

Video and Podcast

Welcome videos, graduations and lectures are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Car Pooling

Students setup and organize their own car pools for a college wide “Green” initiative!


Allow students to buy, sell or trade text books, study materials and more!


Deals, deals, deals…. Special offers for students and faculties.

Social Media

Enhances your social media footprint by enabling students to easily share certain contents on social media.

Effective Administration

CRM Integration

Open API allows seamless integration with your existing CRM and SIS systems.
Klass App enhances the functionalities of your CRM and SIS.

Survey Integration

Leverage Klass App’s dynamic messaging system to disseminate and collect all you surveys.
Access survey reports to track and analyze your results.

Job Placement

Total oversight on number of graduates, number of available jobs on the database and all placement activities.

Job Listings

Jobs listings database can be automatically populated by providing web access to companies with job openings.


Complete analytics of students activities on the App.

Real Time Reports

Reports can be accessed, printed or exported for further analysis.


Open API allows for seamless integration with all you existing systems.

KLASS App is an ideal solution for K-12 schools. Students of K-12 schools stay engaged with news, sporting events, clubs news, podcasts, videos, and more. Parents receive via their own mobile app instant notifications of school closings, important assemblies, newsletters, calendars, conferences and easy oversight of their child’s education.

Features coming soon…


How do I get the app?

Klass App is free to all users and downloaded via the Apple ITunes and Android App markets. We can't link to these stores because the beauty of Klass App is that every college has a unique app managed and controlled by them.

How secure is KLASS App?

The KLASS App web portal is secured by industry standard SSL, using a high grade 256-bit AES encryption certificate that works across both and multiple sub-domains within.

How long does it take to implement?

Implementation varies based on scale and scope of work. Most common implementations take 3-4 weeks.