Manage your app, easily


Customize your app

Upload a college logo, and select a picture for the app dashboard to reflect your college branding. You can also select from a range of app color schemes to further suit your own branding.


Push notifications

Select the students that you want to reach and alert them with push notifications of new videos, podcasts, jobs and surveys. They also get a push notification when you message them, meaning that the most important content will always get noticed.


Monitor Job Placement

We know how important it is, not only to your graduates, but also to your KPI's that students are successfully placed in suitable employment. Your students can browse the jobs you have on offer and even apply for them through the app. You can monitor overall placement statistics and keep on top of how long it takes to place each student, so no one should ever fall between the gaps.


Send messages

Keep in touch with students, send them links to resources in the app and invite to events. They can initiate conversations with administration staff at their campus, or any admin account can contact them-making it quick and easy to get in touch with the right students.


Track survey results

Collate and analyze the results of your surveys to get useful feedback from your student body. You can even export the results as a PDF for your external reference.


How do I get the app?

Klass App is free to all users and downloaded via the Apple ITunes and Android App markets. We can't link to these stores because the beauty of Klass App is that every college has a unique app managed and controlled by them.

How secure is KLASS App?

The KLASS App web portal is secured by industry standard SSL, using a high grade 256-bit AES encryption certificate that works across both and multiple sub-domains within.

How long does it take to implement?

Implementation varies based on scale and scope of work. Most common implementations take 3-4 weeks.