This is How KlassApp Redefines Administration for Modern Colleges

KlassApp provides an easy-to-use administration portal for college staff, combined with fully featured iOS and Android mobile apps for students.

KlassApp provides an easy-to-use administration portal for college staff combined with fully featured iOS and Android mobile apps for students. Each KlassApp client has their own branded mobile app that students & staff can use, available to download for free from the Apple and Google app stores.

Here are just some of Klass App's features - request a demo today, we'd love to show you more.

Using KlassApp’s secure messaging system you can target an individual student, group of students, campus or even an entire school over multiple campus locations.
Digital Documents
Digital Documents do away with tedious paper forms - easily turn your existing forms & documents into “Digital Documents” that students can complete & return any time, from their mobile device.
Student Tasks
Student Tasks. Create tasks as complex as research projects through to simple photo assignments. For a single student, group, campus or the entire school - students complete tasks on their mobile device and submit them straight back.
Augmented Reality
The possibilities are endless with Klass App’s integrated “KlassAR” augmented reality - ask us for details on how colleges are already using this exciting technology.
Mobile Payments
Send payment requests via our enterprise-grade payment processing gateway, allowing students to submit payments large or small. No more paper invoices or petty-cash for smaller items.
Our fully-featured Surveys module allows easy feedback from students. Surveys can be used to gauge satisfaction, opinions on events, decisions affecting the school, planned changes to curriculum….the list is endless.
Video Chat
Sometimes it’s just not possible for staff & students to be in the same place at the same time. Video Chat allows students to make contact with designated staff members or counsellors from wherever they are.
There’s never an excuse to miss an important date! With a few clicks public & private events can easily be created in the Klass App portal for any number of students.
Push Notifications
Klass App features which require student attention automatically send push-notifications to their mobile devices over any WiFi or cellular network.

The Klass App Mobile App

Every Klass App college has their own individually branded mobile app for phone & tablet, free to download from the Apple and Google app stores.

Available for iOS and Android
Whatever your favourite mobile platform, the Klass App mobile app is available from either the Apple or Google App Stores.
For Tablets and Phones
On the move with a phone or sat at a desk with an iPad or tablet. Students & Staff can access Klass App from any Wi-Fi or cellular network.
Usability First
A compelling mobile application must feature an interface that focuses on usability. We have just the thing!
Regularly Updated
We're adding new features all the time , simply download the latest version from Your favourite App Store.

No admin software to download or install

You don't need any special Mac or Windows software installed to run your school, with Klass App your dedicated college admin portal runs securely in our cloud and is accessed from a standard web browser.

  • No Viruses or Malware
  • We run Klass App on our cloud so there's no software risk on your site.
  • No need for backups
  • All your data is held off-site in our secure data centers and backed-up daily.

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